Growing Through COVID-19: Thriving in a Pandemic

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It has been a challenging time for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some businesses are fortunate enough to survive and keep offering their services and products, other businesses are forced to close their doors. In the midst of these unprecedented times, petNmind has managed to thrive and continue to conduct business. For most businesses, the key to survival is maintaining enough cash to stay afloat until the economy begins to spring back to life, but for petNmind, their ability to stay afloat is more than money, it is the loyal customers that have been going to petNmind for their pet food and products for years. That is the life line of petNmind’s business, people who really care about their pets will always be looking to buy pet products for their animal companions, and petNmind is here to stay.

Delivering to Customers/Curbside Pickup

In adherence to social distancing guidelines, petNmind has shifted their business model to offer curbside pickup and prioritize online orders, which means delivering to consumers is in more demand than ever before. Customers can call ahead to pay, and a petNmind employee will be there to hand over the product to the customer from the convenience of their car. If a customer does not feel comfortable to shop in-store, petNmind delivers the pet products to their home from the convenience of petNmind’s online ordering platform. PetNmind’s website has been available for shopping and customers are beginning to use it more as well. The quarantine has left people home-bound for a long length of time, and a majority of people’s time have been dedicated to online activities such as online shopping and this has helped petNmind drive business even in the midst of a pandemic.

Beating COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most businesses to focus on survival, re-tooling business plans, business models, and keeping cultures intact when everyone is sheltered at home. Keeping existing customers may be a priority over getting new ones, so even extensive advertising may be put on hold to cut costs. But for petNmind, this crisis has presented an opportunity for growth and future business. PetNmind has used the COVID-19 pandemic as a leveraging tool to prove to customers that they are an essential business. One of the ways they have done this is by continuing to stay open, delivering essential pet food, and staying engaged with customers via social media.

Being able to Adapt

In times of economic hardship or even in the midst of a pandemic, businesses will have to be able to adapt during uncertain times and petNmind knows this very well. At the very start of the pandemic, petNmind employees opted not to work for their own safety and this took a toll on the petNmind business. With a shortage of staff, operating the petNmind business has been a challenge for Adrian. During the first weeks, Adrian was working alone and handling the day to day operations with limited working hours. Rather than seven days a week, working hours have been reduced to Monday’s Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from noon to 5pm until things return to somewhat normal.

But this schedule change is merely one of many obstacles petNmind will overcome. Recently, customers have been buying in bulk, which has challenged inventory levels for the business, but petNmind has been able to accommodate this change with no major issues. In addition, petNmind has taken the safety of customers who visit their store very seriously, by sanitizing high-touch areas, marking areas on the floor for social distancing, and limiting the amount of people that can be inside the store at a time.

Giving Back

PetNmind cares about their customers and even offered discounts to longtime customers who have had their employment paused. In addition, the business has also donated pet food to customers who absolutely could not pay. These charitable acts of kindness goes a long way, especially in business. When customers begin to see a business respond to their needs, they feel that the business cares about their financial situation and this has tremendous impact on consumers. When things start to normalize and business goes back to usual, customers will be reminded of those charitable acts and will likely recommend petNmind to their friends and family. This is a sustainable way in expanding a customer-base because word-of-mouth can be a very powerful to get recommendations and to increase sales.

What does the future hold?

For petNmind, the future of their business relies on their longtime customers and people who really care about their animal companions. The pet food and supply industry will always continue to thrive because people will always need food and supplies for their pets. With such great demand for these products, petNmind will still continue to stay open and ready for future business.

The COVID-19 pandemic is just another reason for petNmind to continue doing business because every hardship is an opportunity to prove to customers and to the industry that petNmind is an essential business for our beloved pets and for the people who care for them. As a company, and as a family, petNmnd is invested in their customers and in the value of their products and will continue to thrive in the midst this pandemic and thereafter.

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