Growing Through COVID-19: Thriving in a Pandemic

It has been a challenging time for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some businesses are fortunate enough to survive and keep offering their services and products, other businesses are forced to close their doors. In the midst of these unprecedented times, petNmind has managed to thrive and continue to conduct business. For most […]

Why Pet Parents Are Buying Holistic Pet Food

Pet parents are those individuals who really care about their pets, they are always taking them to the vet for their checkups, always taking them for a walk in the park, they regularly bathe them, and feed them the proper food they need. It’s these individuals that consider their pets more than just animals, they […]

You Should Invest In petNmind and Here’s Why

Franchise offerings in the pet and food supply industry have relatively strong sales no matter the economic climate and they are very resilient in adapting to consumers’ needs. petNmind’s business model was developed with the customer and their pet in mind. If you are an entrepreneur, an investor, or an individual with a love for […]

Things should know before investing in a Pet Franchise

The trend of having pets and training them is common all around the world. People invest money to have the pet of their love. The increasing trend boosts the chances to have the pet franchise or invest in the pet store as an entrepreneur. It offers huge chances to earn money and stand your pet […]

Why startup with the pet supply franchise?

Other than multiple businesses pet franchise is a worthy and high-paying business. Due to the exposure, people’s love and interaction mostly new entrants think about the pet supply franchise. It is good to start up but on other hand require a huge investment to put a suitable atmosphere for the pets and pay attention to […]

7 tips to start up with a new pet grooming franchise

The pet franchise is no doubt a successful and trending business. People around the world invest money, time, and effort in their pet’s grooming, maintenance, and a lot more. So, come up with the idea of offering the pets range, their products, food and much more will give good returns. As an entrepreneur, it is […]