Our Franchising Concept

petNmind's business concept stems from one philosohpy: healthy pet, healthy you. It's this motto petNmind has incorporated into their business model which has made the business very successful. petNmind has grown over the years and is established as a reliable and trusted go-to-location for food, pet supplies, the dog self-wash station, and full grooming services.

The company also offers fast and reputable delivery services for your dog and cat supplies. Customers can opt to have all their pet products shipped to their homes after making a purchase on their online store. This convenient feature is a major profit generator as the business is able to reach more customers.



A Reliable Business Model

petNmind's business model is a proven concept which consistently generates profits. With a broad customer base of existing and returning customers, in addition to new customers acquired by word of mouth and local advertising, petNmind is established for continued success. The Pet Food Market is an industry that is going to continue to thrive because pet owners will always be looking for the best products for their pets. petNmind's quality products and subscription-based services will continue to attract customers because of the quality and care that goes into making each product.

This solid business model will continue to thrive for years, even during of socioeconomic down times. The pet food industry stays relatively stable because a large population of people who care about their pets.

Designed for Pets

Designed for pets and pet owners, petNmind is the ultimate pet supply company with a unique philosophy. There is no room for artificial pet food with synthetic fillers or flavors. Natural and organic pet food is the direction petNmind has taken in order to ensure that pets are receiving the proper nutrition they need. Holistic pet food is the hallmark for petNmind and customers are responding. They know their cats and dogs are being fed quality food. Pet owners will always be thinking about their pet's health and nutrition because they love their pets and so does petNmind.

Pet services such as the self-wash station, pet nutrition consultation, and online store purchasing are also some of the key profit-generating points for the business.


petNmind offers a wide selection of proprietary pet products exclusively sold under the petNmind brand, this means customers will get products that are different and unique than anything else on the market. Customers will have access to the best products knowing they are giving their pets the nutrition and care they deserve.

petNmind's high quality products are sourced and merchandised by common customer health issues and needs, this ensures people's pets are receiving specialized products that will benefit their overall health. In addition, petNmind also offers pet grooming and wash services so pet's can look their very best.

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