Pet approved business ownership

A clear path to pursuing business ownership with a reliable model and professional support

A Reliable Business Model

petNmind’s business concept model is a proven concept which consistently generates profits; Built off of a stable customer base. We have established success through our local advertising and word of mouth.

The pet market is booming due to owners always wanting the best products for their pets. petNmind’s quality products and services will continue to attract customers because they only carry the best.

Growth Projections,

through 2022

Project Franchise
Unit Sales


Trusted Advice Matters


of shoppers prefer having a relationship with a brick and mortar for the trusted experience and convenience


Unit Volume /


Avg Franchise


Disclaimer: All the previous information may vary depending on the current market and other external factors

These are the hottest territories we are focusing on but are also open to new locations near you!

of becoming an owner

STEP 1 - Inquire
Get Started filling out Contact form
STEP 2 - Let's Talk
Let's become friends
STEP 3 - Application
Complete final steps of application
STEP 4 - Review Call
Follow up for any leftover questions
STEP 5 - Welcome
Once approved you are apart of the family
STEP 6 - Start
Begin your Franchise

petNmind offers a wide selection of proprietary pet products exclusively sold under the petNmind brand, this means customers will get products that are different and unique than anything else on the market. Customers will have access to the best products knowing they are giving their pets the nutrition and care they deserve.

petNmind’s high quality products are sourced and merchandised by common customer health issues and needs, this ensures people’s pets are receiving specialized products that will benefit their overall health. In addition, petNmind also offers pet grooming and wash services so pet’s can look their very best.

Franchise Models

petNmind is offering three different franchise models for potential franchisees. The following is a breakdown of each franchise model (all must be located in a grocery-anchored center or a high traffic strip mall) with respective one-time franchise fees and estimated expenses that vary by location:

Retail Store w/ Full Grooming Services

Franchise Fee: $35,000 - Upwards of $258,000

Retail Store w/ Self-Wash Units

Franchise Fee: $25,000 - Upwards of $200,000

Self-Wash Store w/Small Retail

Franchise Fee: $20,000 - Upwards of $135,000

*These are average numbers and may differ depending on the specific market and concept chosen.

The Investment

Your investment will provide you with all the franchising essentials, including travel for training, real estate rent deposits, construction of leasehold improvements, inventory and supplies, equipment, cameras, attorney and accountant fees, and a three-month capital reserve. The best part about investing in a petNmind franchise is participating in the natural pet food movement that customers are drawn to. petNmind's philosophy of holistic pet food is embedded in a love for pets and their well being.

Pet Franchise Training Process

“Excellent customer service. Staff is very knowledgeable about all the products. – All are eager to help you and your pets!”

Franchise Opportunity Form

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