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Why Choose petNmind – Pet Supplies Franchise?

petNmind offers a wide variety of all-natural pet products specializing in raw, dehydrated, and freeze-dried foods for dogs and cats, petNmind is a leading holistic pet food provider offering food designed to work naturally with your pet's mind and body. petNmind works with holistic pet food brands that use high quality ingredients, rather than fillers or by-products. With holistic pet food, ingredients are chosen carefully to ensure your pet is getting excellent nutritional value while ensuring their overall health. petNmind also offers subscription based self-washing and full grooming services that ensures proper hygiene for your pet, ease of use and convenience for the customer, and customer loyalty for the franchisee.

The Benefits Of Ownership

We provide your staff with training courses

We provide customer support to your client

We run marketing and generate leads for you

We teach you business management skills and tips


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Helping Pets Live Healthier and Longer

petNmind strives to provide customers access to the best pet products so they know they are buying from a trusted and safe source. petNmind's mission for providing high quality, natural pet food and pet services stems from their love for animals. Being a part of a petNmind franchise is more than making a profit, it's about making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their owners. petNmind believes that healthy pets means healthy people. Helping pets live healthier and longer lives is a core priority, and through that healthy pet, enrich the lives of individuals and families. Whether you're a dog or cat lover, petNmind carries top of the line, quality pet supplies that you need to keep your companion healthy and happy. petNmind encourages feeding naturally because your pet's food will include no harmful ingredients, it can reduce your veterinary bills and increase life expectancy for your pet.


Great Opportunity

Franchising your own petNmind is more affordable and streamlined than starting your own business from scratch. Partnering with an industry leader in all-natural pet nutrition creates opportunity for long-term success. If you are interested in becoming your own boss through owning a petNmind franchise, contact us today!

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