Pet Franchise Training Process

All training hours are to be completed at pet N mind headquarters in South Florida, where future franchisees and trainers can get a grasp of how the day-to-day looks like for the petNmind team. After training is complete, franchisees and trainers will be able to carry on the petNmind brand on their own, ensuring path to successful ownership!

Potential franchisees can expect to complete their training in two components:

29 Hours of Classroom Training / 19 Hours On-the-Job Training


      Training Overview

  • Introduction to Pet Nutrition
  • Understanding petNmind & its services
  • Permits and Coding Compliance
  • Billing and Collections Procedures & Sales
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Marketing and Advertising

Store Management

One of the most important aspects of running your own business is knowing how to manage it. Training and guidance we be provided to franchisees to ensure they are prepared to run their own petNmind store. The key to business management is about having a clear plan for how the business will operate, and ultimately become profitable. Franchisees will be given a walk-through of how to implement systems for business management and success while learning what makes petNmind a unique concept that people love.

Educating Customers

It's great for a business to offer amazing products, but without proper sales people to endorse and showcase the products, the business can face challenges. A second key aspect of operating a petNmind franchise is hiring a sales force that is driven and passionate about pets, their nutrition, their well-being, and be able tp educate customers in a clear and effective way. With a proper sales team in place, franchisees can expect to be profitable and make a positive impression toward customers, especially new customers.


Hiring employees is easy. With the proper tools and system in place, placing online and print ads can be done with relative ease and franchisees can expect a wide variety of people to apply within a few days. Pet food and nutrition is a trending topic among millennials and young people in general; franchisees may receive inquiries from this age group mostly. In addition, potential employees will enjoy the work that will be doing, being with animals, communicating with people, they will be part of a workforce that is passionate about pets and people.

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