Opening Your Own petNmind Retail Store Location




Animal lovers who possess a creative, entrepreneurial spirit may find themselves interested in becoming a petNmind franchisee. If this is you, there is a big opportunity that awaits. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $72.56 billion on their pets in 2018 and were projected to spend $75.38 billion in 2019, continuing a steady upward trend even until this day. If you are thinking into getting into the pet food and supply industry, you can expect a great return on your investment. You will be a part of a community of people who really love their pets. A pet business can be a great option for the entrepreneurial pet lover. If that is you, do not let the big-box pet stores scare you away. petNmind’s unique business model focuses on holistic, natural pet food for dogs and cats to ensure their health and well-being. petNmind’s business model is setup for long term success in an industry that is always growing. petNmind

Demand for Natural Pet Food

As pet owners become more discerning about the nutritional content of their dog’s food, they are increasingly turning to holistic dog food as the solution. Holistic dog foods for example, are foods that are balanced. Not only to provide dogs with optimal nutrition, but also to support overall well-being. Ingredients are selected with their unique purpose in mind. Pet owners are not just buying more pet food, many are seeking out healthier, premium-grade pet foods for their four-legged family members. This demand for healthy pet food presents a great opportunity for the franchisee. People constantly need to feed their pets, whether it is a cat or dog, they need to eat. But not just any food, consumers want to feed their pets the absolute best food so their companions can be healthy and get proper nutrition. petNmind

Share the Love

One of the greatest advantages in becoming a petNmind franchisee and opening your own petNmind store is you will get the chance to share your animal passion with others. Typically, customers who will shop at your petNmind store will love animals and overtime, you will get a chance to build relationships with your core customers and enjoy the opportunity to discuss pets and pet products with them. Opening your own petNmind store can provide an opportunity to engage with others who are a part of the pet-loving community and you can be your own boss too, since you will be running your own petNmind store. The success of your store depends on creating a positive atmosphere and meeting your customers’ needs and this can be done by hiring the right people.

Hire Employees to Assist You

Hiring employees is in important step for the petNmind franchisee. You need employees to help you run your store and this involves choosing trustworthy employees that enjoy working around people and animals. Not only is the right staff necessary to help you run your store, but people who are knowledgeable about pet nutrition is recommended. This will enable your staff to communicate to customers the benefits of the products you will sell and why their pets will love them. petNmind

Store Location

Selecting a suitable location for your petNmind store will determine your chances for success. Choose an area that provides easy access and good exposure to individuals that have pets, such as a shopping mall or a shopping center. Positioning your store for success, means finding the right spot that will help you get more customers. Being in a high traffic area will increase the chances of making more sales per month, and even more per year than an area with limited traffic. petNmind

The Investment

Setting up your own petNmind store requires a significant investment and this will depend on the franchise unit you select. Out of the three franchise model offerings that petNmind currently offers, there are three exciting opportunities to make a profit:

  • Retail Store w/ Full Grooming: This model offers a store layout designed to house pet food and supply products for sale in addition to an indoor space to accommodate pet grooming services. petNmind
  • Retail Store w/ Self-Wash Units: This model offers a store layout designed to house pet food and supply products for sale in addition to an indoor space to accommodate a self-washing station where customers can wash their pets inside the store. petNmind
  • Self-Wash Store w/ Small Retail: This model offers a store layout designed to house pet food and supply products in a more smaller retail location in addition to an indoor space to accommodate a self-washing station. petNmind

Industry Stability

Once you have selected and successfully established your own petNmind store, you can generally expect stability in the business. Pet food and supply stores are usually fairly insulated from economic downturns. People with genuine love for their animals include pet food and pet care on the short list of “necessities” when they tighten budgets. In addition, petNmind also offers pet grooming and pet washing stations which greatly diversifies the product offering and once pet owners get familiarized with your store, you can start building trust with them and leverage your relationships with customers for greater revenue potential. As a petNmind franchisee, you can be confident in your investment. The pet food and supply industry is not going away, with projected forecasts of growth in the coming years, more and more people are becoming health conscious, not just for themselves but for their pets too. petNmind

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